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The Utah Digital Marketing Collective is Utah’s largest community of digital marketers.

Utah DMC is a Utah-based non-profit, that is dedicated to providing the highest quality education on the latest digital marketing trends and tactics, to Utah’s digital marketing professionals, small businesses, non-profits, and leaders of larger organizations.

Our mission: To Educate, Engage & Elevate Digital Marketing Professionals

Recently, we began hosting online events as well. This allows us to invite individuals outside of Utah to participate in learning opportunities and grow our audience.

Since 2011, we have provided an environment of networking and ideation as we bring these professionals together every single month. These in-person events bring business, partnerships, and new job opportunities, in addition to continued education for our community.

Pandemic update to prospective speakers: Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have moved to an online-only event structure, holding 1-3 events per month. We are currently planning for our 2022 return to in-person events (beginning monthly in May), and we are actively planning our 2022 Annual Conference as well, and we are accepting speaker applications for all event types.

A little about our events: 

  • Topics we cover
    • Pretty much anything in digital marketing. SEO, demand generation, social media, branding, employment topics, community, mental health, data and analytics, tech stacks, and more.
  • Event types & schedule
    • Online Webinars: 1-2 times per month
      • One speaker/topic per session
      • The webinar is on-demand immediately, and a recap of the session posted in a few weeks
      • Attendance varies (50-150) depending on the topic
      • Presentation time: 40-45 minutes. The show lasts 60-75 minutes with live Q&A
    • In-Person: The 3rd Wednesday evening of each month
      • 2 speakers, similar tactical topics (SEO, Demand, Social)
      • 100-150 in attendance each month
      • Sessions are not recorded, but recaps do go live a few weeks later.
      • Doors open at 6 PM, presentations start at 7 PM
      • Presentation time: 40-45 minutes per presenter
      • Q&A to wrap up with both speakers at the end
      • 9-9:15 PM event ends
    • Annual Conference: Typically August of each year
      • Actively searching to fill spots now for 2022
      • Typically a Multi-track, single-day event
      • Typically 3-Keynotes
      • 500-600+ in attendance
      • All sessions are recorded and posted online with a recap of the presentation
      • View 2018 & 2019 Lineups and recordings
    • Podcast: Coming soon, so stay tuned. If you are interested in being a guest on the podcast, please make a note in your submission.
  • Previous speakers have included:
  • Attendee demographics:
    • Digital marketing interns, managers, directors, VPs, and strategists, across all areas of digital marketing 
    • CMO's, C-Level, and decision-makers
    • Small business owners
    • Marketing agencies
    • Solopreneur's, entrepreneurs, and  digital marketing consultants
  • Sponsors we have had over the years:
    • Clearlink, Emperitas, Boostability, Purple, TEK Systems, Big Leap, Blip, Red Door Interactive, BKA Content, Nomatic, Emperitas, MOZ, Utah Technology Council, Bing, Qualtrics, 97th Floor, Stryde, Avalaunch Media, Finch, and more.
  • Things to know & consider, before you pitch:
    • Let's meet: After submission, you can book a time to meet with DMC to discuss your pitch.
    • We are a no-pitch zone. Our events are all about education, tactics, or strategies someone could go and possibly implement in their business. This is not to say we will not promote the heck out of you, and you could get some business. But, self-promotion to get our audience to purchase something is not on the menu. We do encourage attendees to connect with you via the contact info you provide.
    • Sharing is caring: We require your deck to be made available for our audience to download if they so desire. Exceptions can be made for certain circumstances.
    • Database of attendees: We do not share this, ever.
    • Sponsored Presentations: We do NOT require a presenter to sponsor to speak, ever. While we do love our sponsors and encourage companies to sponsor DMC, this is not something we do. It's all about content.

We look forward to speaking with you soon and hopefully having you speak at one of our events in the near future.