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Snap Ads: Learn Why Its Every DTC Brands Secret Weapon For Growth - June 3, 2020 [Event Recap]

Duane Brown, founder of the company Take Some Risk, joined us for our June 3rd, 2020 Utah DMC online event to discuss the opportunity brands have to connect and engage with people through Snap Ads.

Utah DMC Duane Brown June3 2020

Duane comes with a strong background in marketing and has used his experience to help ecommerce, SaaS, and technology brands create and scale profitable PPC campaigns.

Duane opened up his presentation talking about how Snapchat is a tight knit community which has, on average, 229 million users every day.

Why Snapchat ads

In the Snapchat platform, there is a huge opportunity for brands to engage with their target audience. In his talk, Duane discussed the following five Snap Channels marketers can use to engage with people:

The 5 channels to rule them all

  • Snap
  • Chat
  • Stories
    • Although this is no longer available with Snap Ads, Duane still highlighted this point to share the importance of telling stories to connect with people and get them to engage with your brand.
  • Live
  • Discovery

As marketers look at the different channels to engage with their audience, he shared some insightful strategies to explore at the various stages:

Upper/Mid Funnel

  • Lenses - use this tool to build brand awareness and get people to interact with your brand.
  • Filters - another great tool (if used correctly and on brand), marketers can use this feature to create something that people want to use and share.

Snap Funnel Upper-Mid Overlay

  • Commercials - similar to YouTube, 3 minute commercials can be created and shared on this platform which cannot be skipped for the first 6 seconds. This may be an opportunity to grab your audience's attention with the correct messaging.

Mid/Bottom Funnel

  • Snap Ads - this tool uses more pictures than video and is a great way to share stories. Facebook does something similar to this.
  • Story Ads - these types of ads need to be appealing to your audience to get them to stop scrolling and click on the tile. In some cases, this strategy is less competitive (not as many brands using this feature) but is still competitive due to brands who use this platform typically have more money to spend to stand out.

Snap Funnel Mid-Bottom

  • DPAs & Collection Ads - this recently came out of beta and is not being used as much but is another strategy brands can look at to remarket and retarget to their audience.

At the end of the day, according to Duane, Snap Ads may be a worthwhile strategy to look at using especially if you feel you’ve maxed out on Facebook and Google (in your PPC campaigns). 

To learn more about this and other PPC campaign strategies, you can follow and connect with him on Twitter (@duanebrown) and on LinkedIn.

If you missed the live event or want to catch the recording again, you can do so below.

Enjoy The Recorded Event

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