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Jordan Kasteler | DMC 2015

Jordan Kasteler is the
Director of SEO at MWI. In his presentation, Jordan talked about pushing your content to the next level, the difference between creating and promoting content, and some of the best ways to share content.
In his presentation, Jordan spoke about the importance of putting equal time into content creation and content promotion. Too many times content creation efforts fall short by not creating an effective distribution plan.
As you develop your strategy for sharing content, it’s important to focus on getting your content in front of influencers. If they enjoy the content, you have a much better chance of them sharing it with their followers. Remember though, when promoting your content, it isn’t about the numbers, it’s about the engagement.
As you look for ways to promote your content, here are some excellent sites worth checking out for engaging with others:
Link Sharing sites:

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Jessie Mamey | DMC 2015

Jessie Mamey is the Vice President of Digital Acquisition at Revana Digital. In her presentation she talked about harnessing the power of omni-channel data for acquisition in SEM and display. Jessie spoke about how the customer experience has changed over the years, but it is still all about the customer. As you look at the customer journey, it is important to define your objective and understand what the customer is interested in. Focus on answering the questions they have (even ones they may not have asked yet). What you know about your customer is important only if you know how to turn that insight into action. Through gathering data about your customers, you can focus your vision on what you are trying to accomplish, decide what really matters, and which direction to go in to drive performance and better serve the customer. Targeted data can also help businesses identify high, mid, and low segments. This allows you to make better decisions about where to spend your budget and to create custom content tailored to specific customer bases.
In the end, as you move forward in developing a strong customer experience, you need to clarify your objectives, ask questions which result in action, centralize data and develop feedback loops.

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New Marketing Strategies & Fresh Tactics for 2014 - January 29th Event

You may have noticed by now, but our first event of 2014 is scheduled a bit later in the month than usual. Well, as they say, good things come to those that wait – and this is no exception! Join us on
January 29th (6:00pm-9:00pm at the Adobe Building in Lehi, Utah) as our featured speakers, Jordan Kasteler and Ryan Hutchings help you conquer your search resolutions with our “New Strategies & Fresh Tactics for 2014” event.

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