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Susan Wenograd | DMC 2016

Susan Wenograd – Mastering the Tools and Tactics of Google Display

As the third speaker of the day, Susan Wenograd, Partner in Search Engine Marketing at Five Mill, Inc., spoke about how to master the tools and tactics of Google's Display Network. “Display advertising works,” Wenograd began. “We’re not spending money to just spend money. It works, if it’s done right.” Wenograd continued that the best way to take advantage of display advertising was to use two different types of ad targeting: by site and by people.

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Luciano Pesci | DMC 2016

Think Broad. Mine Deep. Explain Simply. Effective Storytelling with Data Analytics

Luciano Pesci is the CEO and founder of Emperitas, a local research and data analytics, firm. He also teaches probability and statistics and economics classes on why businesses fail at the University of Utah where he is also a PhD candidate. Luciano is one smart guy and he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to data.

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Brad Geddes | DMC 2016

Brad Geddes opened up DMC 2016 with his training on Advanced AdWords. Geddes is the official Google AdWords Seminar Leader and has conducted more than 60 officially Google-supported AdWords Seminars for Success.

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