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Dominating Paid Search - January 2019 [recap]

Mark Gustafson, Founder of 900 Kings, Marketing Manager for Strala

Dominate Paid Search Results with Amazon's Help

Mark Gustafson, Founder of 900 Kings and Marketing Manager for Strala, spoke to us on how to deal with Amazon’s paid ads in SERP’s. Other than being obsessed with digital marketing and sharing his knowledge across r/PPC, OnlineGeniuses or #PPCchat, he loves hiking, pickleball, and eating exquisite food.

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Finding Wins (Across SEO and PPC) with James Svoboda [DMC Recap]

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5 AdWords Mistakes and How to Avoid Them with Michelle Roberts [DMC Recap]

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Complex Retargeting Strategies with Christi Olson [DMC Recap]

Day 1 of SLC | SEM’s Digital Marketing Conference is off to a great start as we hear from Christi Olson, Internet Marketing and Search Evangelist. Christi currently works with the BingAds team at Microsoft and teaches us some complex retargeting strategies to fuel your marketing initiatives.

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Trends & Changes in 2017 PPC with Ginny Marvin [DMC Recap]

Ginny Marvin joined the SLC|SEM Back to Digital Marketing conference from Third Door Media where she serves as the Associate Editor over paid media coverage. Her presentation was a fascinating overview of the trends that will define the future of SEM and what these changes mean for the marketing community.

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Kirk Williams | DMC 2016

Master This  in Ecommerce PPC (Before Google Changes It All Again Next Year)

Kirk Williams is a very experienced PPC search engine marketer with some serious ecommerce chops. Much of Kirk’s presentation focused on Product Listing Ads, or PLAs, as Google Shopping is playing a more significant role and was incredibly useful for SLC|SEM attendee working in the ecommerce space in ecommerce. He specifically address campaign setup, the role of RLSAs in ecommerce, labels, and bidding tactics specific to PLAs.

Topics: Event Recaps ppc ecommerce DMC2016

Bjorn Espenes |DMC 2016

The Digital Advertising Revolution: Optimizing Your AdWords for Maximum Profit

Bjorn Espenes is the CEO and founder of Finch, a PPC bid management software. As such Bjorn’s presentation was about the impact of  programmatic advertising on the SEM industry. To illustrate his point, Bjorn talked about how Google Adwords is the world’s largest buying market citing the fact that there are over 3.5 billion searches on Google each day. Furthermore, each search presents the issue of a single buyer and multiple suppliers. In this environment a paid search marketer needs to know which clicks will be profitable to be successful. Enter Finch.

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Susan Wenograd | DMC 2016

Susan Wenograd – Mastering the Tools and Tactics of Google Display

As the third speaker of the day, Susan Wenograd, Partner in Search Engine Marketing at Five Mill, Inc., spoke about how to master the tools and tactics of Google's Display Network. “Display advertising works,” Wenograd began. “We’re not spending money to just spend money. It works, if it’s done right.” Wenograd continued that the best way to take advantage of display advertising was to use two different types of ad targeting: by site and by people.

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Brad Geddes | DMC 2016

Brad Geddes opened up DMC 2016 with his training on Advanced AdWords. Geddes is the official Google AdWords Seminar Leader and has conducted more than 60 officially Google-supported AdWords Seminars for Success.

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[Recap] Let's Get Analytical - June 2016

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