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Jonathan Maberry | DMC 2016

Good Guys Finish First

Jonathan Maberry is a New York Times best-selling author, editor, and comic book writer for IDW, Marvel, and Dark Horse. He has also spoken at DMC before.

Jonathan started out his talk by discussing information. He said that even with all of the information available today, we either let that change us, or we go back to your old ways of thinking. It’s a challenge of life. With all of the information available to us today, we have a choice on what we accept.

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Amy Schmittauer | DMC 2016

Produce Your Authority: How to Create Video That Builds Brand Influence

Amy currently produces a YouTube series known as Savvy Sexy Social, which helps rising stars achieve greater social connections and increase brand awareness by promoting action, productivity and strategy in business and life. Amy’s journey to where she is today started with the idea to make a video for a wedding. As a bridesmaid, Amy decided that she would compile short videos of the bride’s friends wishing her congratulations along with videos from the bride’s past. When she played that Windows Movie Maker-made video at the wedding, Amy said, “I had their emotions in the palm of my hands for 5 ½ minutes”.

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Justin Champion | DMC 2016

How to Reverse Engineer Your Content Marketing Plan

Justin Champion is a content marketing professor for HubSpot, the content marketing automation aficianados. In his DMC presentation, he dug in deep on the topic of reverse engineering your content marketing and gave an actionable processes SEMers can apply to their next content marketing campaign.

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Alan Bleisweiss | DMC 2016

SEO Tasking Goals - Where + When to Compromise

Alan Bleiweiss is a search engine optimization and internet marketing expert, blogger, author, and industry speaker.In his talk, Alan discussed sustainable SEO and ensuring you have a system in place to succeed. To do this, you need to

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Purna Virji | DMC 2016

Are you Ready for Voice Search?

Purna started out her presentation by recounting a memory in her life when she was in a motorcycle accident. She fell off the motorcycle and badly injured her hands. At this point, it was nearly impossible to use her hands. Using her phone was far too difficult, so instead, she started using the voice command function on her phone. While voice search wasn’t commonly used before the injury, it was a very helpful resource when hands weren’t available. The experience of using voice search on a phone, led Purna to explore the growth and potential of voice search in the future.

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Cory Edwards | DMC 2016

SLCDMC Cory Edwards.png

How Adobe is Fighting Corporate Disillusionment with Social Media

Cory Edwards is the Director of Social Media and Content at a small company called Adobe. Ever heard of of ‘em? 😉 In all seriousness Cory shared some phenomenal insights into how his team at Adobe is approaching social media and “fighting corporate disillusionment with social media.” His presentation discussed both their internal and external efforts, gave insights into their strategy, and even highlighted specific posts or campaigns they ran.

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Marcus Sheridan | DMC 2016

How to Embrace Today's Buyer, Stand Out, and Build an Amazing Business in the Digital Age

Friday morning’s session opened up with a bang, and to say that web marketing guru, Marcus Sheridan has a bit of passion for what he does, may be the understatement of the year. The very energetic Sheridan opened up his session with the question, “What business are you in?” After a few non-plus answers and some clarifications, Sheridan then asked if, as marketers, we were in the same business as a car salesman. Many laughed and made a few car salesman jokes, but Sheridan continued, wondering why is a car salesman considered the “lowest of the low”?

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Annie Cushing | DMC 2016

A Road Map to Analytics Mastery

Annie Cushing is the founder of Annielytics, specializing in web analytics, SEO, PPC, social media, and competitive analytics.

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Kirk Williams | DMC 2016

Master This  in Ecommerce PPC (Before Google Changes It All Again Next Year)

Kirk Williams is a very experienced PPC search engine marketer with some serious ecommerce chops. Much of Kirk’s presentation focused on Product Listing Ads, or PLAs, as Google Shopping is playing a more significant role and was incredibly useful for SLC|SEM attendee working in the ecommerce space in ecommerce. He specifically address campaign setup, the role of RLSAs in ecommerce, labels, and bidding tactics specific to PLAs.

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Susan Wenograd | DMC 2016

Susan Wenograd – Mastering the Tools and Tactics of Google Display

As the third speaker of the day, Susan Wenograd, Partner in Search Engine Marketing at Five Mill, Inc., spoke about how to master the tools and tactics of Google's Display Network. “Display advertising works,” Wenograd began. “We’re not spending money to just spend money. It works, if it’s done right.” Wenograd continued that the best way to take advantage of display advertising was to use two different types of ad targeting: by site and by people.

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