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Bjorn Espenes |DMC 2016

The Digital Advertising Revolution: Optimizing Your AdWords for Maximum Profit

Bjorn Espenes is the CEO and founder of Finch, a PPC bid management software. As such Bjorn’s presentation was about the impact of  programmatic advertising on the SEM industry. To illustrate his point, Bjorn talked about how Google Adwords is the world’s largest buying market citing the fact that there are over 3.5 billion searches on Google each day. Furthermore, each search presents the issue of a single buyer and multiple suppliers. In this environment a paid search marketer needs to know which clicks will be profitable to be successful. Enter Finch.

Topics: ppc automation

[Recap] From Search to Social - April 2016

SEM-ers from the Wasatch Front were treated to two fantastic presentations last Wednesday. Keeping with recent trends we were able to snag both a local and a national expert, this time tackling both paid search and social media advertising.

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