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Bjorn Espenes |DMC 2016

The Digital Advertising Revolution: Optimizing Your AdWords for Maximum Profit

Bjorn Espenes is the CEO and founder of Finch, a PPC bid management software. As such Bjorn’s presentation was about the impact of  programmatic advertising on the SEM industry. To illustrate his point, Bjorn talked about how Google Adwords is the world’s largest buying market citing the fact that there are over 3.5 billion searches on Google each day. Furthermore, each search presents the issue of a single buyer and multiple suppliers. In this environment a paid search marketer needs to know which clicks will be profitable to be successful. Enter Finch.

As with any automation, paid search automation is only as good as its inputs. “Garbage in, garbage out” Bjorn said. Part of Finch’s value proposition is its compiled click profiles which are helpful in forecasting the results from a highly-competitive, high-volume search phrase or search phrases. Bjorn talked about how the complexity around a click has grown exponentially and continues to grow and so marketers need actionable data. Compiled click profiles provide just that.

Next, Bjorn got tactical and talked about how programmatic advertising can help grow traffic. Here are a few of his tips, which can be simplified with automation.

  • Use dynamic keyword insertion (user-generated search phrases)
  • Set up a product catalog XML feed for your Google Shopping campaigns
  • Perform a competitive gap analysis using a tool like SpyFu. De-duplicate the results against your current keywords, sort by impressions, & discover new opportunities

One of the points Bjorn stressed was the ability of programmatic advertising to influence your AdWords Quality Scores. According to Bjorn, up to 70+ percent of your Quality Scores are made up by the click-through-rates of your ads. As your CTR improves, your ad rises to a higher position, which leads to a higher Quality Score and improved ad rank. Much of this can be automated with a service like Finch. However, Bjorn warned us, “Not everything in an AdWords account can or should be automated.”

Topics: ppc automation