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Former EBay Global SEO Strategist To Speak On Analytics at SLCSEM Event

Continuing an exciting series of educational & networking evening events, SLCSEM.org will host 
special guest speaker Dennis Goedegebuure
@thenextcorner), VP of Internet Marketing at GeekNet on April 18th for an evening dedicated to making better business decisions through data. Online marketers often have access to an enormous wealth of web analytics data, which gives us unique insight into the behavior of prospective and current customers - the problem is, many search marketers are simply too overwhelmed with large data sets to do anything with them. In the evening's keynote, along with local member speakers, we'll discuss turning analytics data into actionable marketing strategies and how to use information to solve common business problems.

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April 18th: Analytics To Actionable Internet Marketing Tactics

SLCSEM.org's April 18th networking event & educational seminar topic will focus on how to leverage web analytics data from multiple sources to make smarter business decisions and craft actionable marketing strategies using search and social media, and demonstrate ways to measure the results accurately using a variety of reporting tools and metrics.

Special Guest Speaker: Dennis Goedegebuure! @TheNextCorner

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