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Top Reasons Why You Must Join SLC I SEM Today

For the past several years, online marketing professionals across the Wasatch Front have been forced to fend for themselves in this dynamic industry.  Without the support of a local group to turn to for help, most of Utah’s search marketing community have had no choice but to travel to out-of-state conferences to get the necessary education and networking to stay at the top of their game. Not any longer… Utah’s professional search engine marketing organization has finally arrived!  During the inaugural SLC|SEM event, the 150-200 marketing experts, business owners & entrepreneurs that attended proved to everyone that Utah is loaded with talent and poised as a leader in the interactive industry.  That said, in order to attend future meetings and receive all of the benefits of an SLC|SEM membership, you must officially join the organization by completing
an application. For those that still need a bit more convincing before officially joining, here are some of the benefits SLC|SEM offers its members:

Education & Quality Information Sharing

While forming SLC|SEM, our main objective has been to provide the highest quality information possible.  We intend to do this by having the most recognized experts in the industry speak at our events in order to share their knowledge and experiences first-hand.  In fact, you should expect to learn something new and immediately actionable at every meeting you attend.  The value of the information being shared is the cornerstone of our organization.

The Business Case: Attending a national conference with a similar level of quality information typically costs a minimum of $3,000 when you take into account travel & registration costs.

Networking | Build Relationships | Find Talent | Get a Job

We all love what we do.  Whether you specialize in SEO, PPC, Mobile, Geo or other online marketing disciplines, meeting and engaging with other professionals in your industry is vital to establishing long-term success.  Lucky for us, Utah is bursting at the seams with talented people who are dying to meet one another.
The Business Case: There is simply no better opportunity for you to personally get to know the top experts/companies in the industry than at an SLC|SEM event!

Local and Loving It

This point can’t be stressed enough – we are in your back yard!  The cost and convenience of being a member speaks for itself.  No need to worry about the expense of booking a flight + hotel + rental car + food and everything else that comes with attending other events. SLC|SEM is proud of being a Utah-based organization.  We live here, work here & play here!  If you live in the area, or are close enough to come visit, come to one of our monthly meetings…you won’t be disappointed.

Get Answers – Drive Results

How many times have you found yourself perplexed about the results you’re getting (good or bad)?  Have you ever wondered what you should do next, or how to scale a strategy that seems to be working?  There’s obviously a ton of questions every search marketer deals with on a regular basis and there is no better resource for getting expert advice than at one of our meetings. Come prepared to discuss the issues you need to figure out…chances are we’ll have an expert in the room that has already dealt with the same thing and can give you quality advice based on real-world experience.

The Business Case: By receiving one-on-one advice from top minds in the search marketing industry, you can drive incremental success for your company or client. That definitely pays for the price of an annual membership. These are just some of the great benefits you’ll receive by participating with SLC|SEM.  Ultimately, it is up to each of our members to determine what they value the most.  Here are just a few samples of the feedback/testimonials we’ve received so far – we can’t wait to hear what you have to say!
Top 3 Reasons We Joined SLCSEM
  1. Learn the most up-to-date strategies in the industry.
  2. Share successes with the local community
  3. Connect with the smartest search engine marketers in Utah

Robert B.


Having recently been appointed as the shall-we-say touchstone for all things SEO and SEM at my company, I was interested to see that a new group was being proposed and formed for the express purpose to explore/educate/share about those two topics. I believe this group offers the opportunity for SEOs and SEMs to not just network, but also represent our state in the national (if not hopefully global) dialogue on employing SEO and SEM. Utah is not new to developing technology, entrepreneurial spirit, and active and effective business practices; therefore, it is my hope we can use the combined efforts of this group to not just learn and share about SEO and SEM, but also draw attention to the fantastic investment that Utah companies have to offer to businesses looking for these services.

Jennifer J.



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