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3 Types of Remarketing with Quora Ads

When it comes to advertising, I love remarketing. First off, you can target very specific
audiences. These are audiences that have been to your website, maybe you have their email list,
and as a way for you to then go a little further and be cost-effective with your advertising. When
you're targeting an audience that's already warm to your brand you're going to get higher
conversion rates, better ROI and you're going to be able to build your brand.

Which is why in this post I'm going to walk you through remarketing on Quora. On Quora, we
have three types of remarketing 1) website audiences, 2) list match audiences, and 3) question
history retargeting. Let's get started with website audiences.


1) Retargeting Website Audiences

To get started, you’ll need to head over to your Quora Ads account, and what you'll want to do is ensure that you have the Quora Pixel installed. Check it out to make sure that it's installed correctly and recording conversions. You’ll know if it is set up when you a green and it will say active. It will also show you how many events have been triggered in the last 15 minutes.
quora retargeting blog photo 1

Next, head over to the Audience tab in your top navigation. You can click create audiences in the top right hand corner. Then you'll see, "Let's make that website traffic audiences."

quora retargeting blog photo 2

And what this is going to do is help you create audiences based off website traffic to your audiences. From here you can define your audience. So we have a couple of different options for you. You can say, "All visitors to my website, visitors to a specific pages of my website, visitors to specific pages, but not all pages of my website, you can even select an audience based off your conversions or a pixel event, and lastly, you can create a custom pixel."

quora retargeting blog photo 3

For those custom conversions and pixel events, just wanted to give a quick show you exactly what you can do. You can say, "Hey, let's pick this conversion or event maybe the last 30 days, and we're going to include anyone that has visited this test conversion pixel." As far as the standard events go in creating those pixel events, we have nine that you can choose from.

Another way that you can get started is actually targeting specific landing pages. So you can say, "If this landing page equals this or does not contain this." It's a great way to help segment your traffic and get the highest quality audiences that you can build. You can also exclude different audiences and different keywords from those URLs as well.

We also have and/or audience targeting. So within this you can say, "Include URLs that have this and equal this, or this or not this."

I always love excluding specific audiences to make sure I’m targeting the right audience with the right message. So maybe you have a URL that says, "Thank you." Maybe this is your confirmation page for anyone that has filled out a lead gen form. You want to make sure that you're excluding those audiences in order to get those net new audience members from the Quora website. Creating website audiences is a great way to make sure that you're driving net new audiences by excluding them from your prospecting upper funnel campaigns.

2) Retargeting Email Audiences

The next way that you can create remarketing audiences is through a list match. This is going to work very similar to how you're doing it within the other ad platforms. What you'll do is go back to create an audience, instead of clicking website traffic, you're going to click on list match.

quora retargeting blog photo 4
And this is where you can upload your existing contacts. Simply input those emails, give the audience a name, add a description if you want, the type of email addresses that you have, and then you'll be able to upload that file.
A great way for you to know if your audience is on Quora is to review that match rate. It's one of my favorite things to do as a new advertiser on any ad platform. Upload your emails and then come back in 24 hours or so, and you'll the find the number of emails we were able to match.

3) Quora Question Retargeting


Most content on Quora is organized in the form of questions and answers. With Quora’s Question Targeting, ads are only shown on specific question pages, allowing you to tailor your message to that content. This is our most granular level of targeting and allows you to capture impression share of voice at the question level.

Did you know you can also target everyone who has see a question on Quora? With Question History you can show ads to users who previously read about a question. Advertisers are able to target ads towards users who visited specified question page(s) in a given time period (eg the last 20 days). Ads are shown across Quora (feed, question pages, etc.) for your target audience, not just on Question pages.

quora retargeting blog photo 5

This is a great way to build funnels in Quora by pairing this with Promoted Answers and then retargeting Quora users who saw your answer, but hasn’t visited your website (exclude website audience). Bonus, you can also retarget people who are reading answers about your competition.

Wrap Up


Quora offers three potential remarketing advertising strategies. A few advantages include different bid strategies based off what audience you're targeting. Or tailoring your ad copy, which is another great way for you to make sure that your ad copy is matching where that person is in the funnel. You can do some loyalty program promotion with list match remarketing, so you can target active seasonal shoppers. And it's also really good for up-selling, cross-selling, what you may have for your different products. And of course, they always make great seed audiences for those lookalike audiences.

Make sure that you get started today with these three types of remarketing on Quora. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

This has been a guest post from JD Prater. JD has spoken at multiple Utah DMC events over the past few years.

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