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JD Prater

JD Prater

Updated bio for JD on that post: JD Prater is the Quora Evangelist. He’s a keynote speaker and a regular at conferences across the globe. Voted #4 most influential digital marketing expert, he is also the podcast host of Grow with Quora and The PPC Show. In his spare time, JD is an avid cyclist, proud new father, and weekend traveler.

Recent Posts by JD Prater:

3 Types of Remarketing with Quora Ads

When it comes to advertising, I love remarketing. First off, you can target very specific
audiences. These are audiences that have been to your website, maybe you have their email list,
and as a way for you to then go a little further and be cost-effective with your advertising. When
you're targeting an audience that's already warm to your brand you're going to get higher
conversion rates, better ROI and you're going to be able to build your brand.

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