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Give Your Content a Sense of Repurpose with Casie Gillette [DMC Recap]


Ever since Casie was a kid, she knew content was about quality over quantity. When given assignments with specific length requirements, she struggled to meet them because she had already said what needed to be said in a shorter format.

Luckily for the DMC crowd, this fixation on high-quality content bled over into her career. Nowadays Casie spends her time focused on how to get the most mileage from existing content.

Where to Start with Content Repurposing

Content repurposing sounds great and all, but where do you start? Casie asked the crowd “How can you be successful with the content you already have?” From there, it is important to have clear goals for your content. Once you have that figured out, you can start researching!

Casie shared four places you can look to identify content that should be repurposed. First, start with Google Analytics. Take a look at your top organic pages, your top converting pages, and see if those pages can be repurposed into another format. Be sure to also take a look at older pieces of content that are still relevant, but stand in need of a refresh.

Second, use Buzzsumo to track what’s earning social shares. Chances are content that is getting shared in one format will earn social shares in another format. Third, use Google Search Console to find out what pieces of content have links to them. The need to create (or repurpose in this case) content that earns links cannot be overlooked!

Fourth, head over to your YouTube channel and see what videos are getting views. Find a way to create new resources from your video content that is most successful.

When researching content you can repurpose, be sure to ask yourself these key questions Casie shared:

  • Is it worth keeping? Keep it, repurpose it, or redirect it
  • Can it be improved?
  • How do we make it better?

Common Content Repurposing

During her presentation, Casie discussed a number of common content repurposing her team at Komarketing has done for their clients. In many cases, they were able to take a single asset and turn it into as many as 10 assets! How’s that for content marketing ROI?!

Webinars - Turn your webinar presentation into a blog post! A number of webinar attendees cannot stay for an entire webinar or don’t even make it once they’ve registered, so Casie recommends sending the blog to everyone who registered. From there you can turn the post into even more assets such as short video clips that end up on social media or YouTube which are also fantastic resources for landing pages!

Blog Posts - Casie likes to use SEMrush to find out which pages on her site have earned featured snippets or instant answer placements in the SERPs. She likes to chase these placements by creating highly specified blogs that answer searcher’s questions. Here’s a killer resource the Komarketing team put together on the topic.

Infographics - If you’re like most marketers, you’ve probably created an infographic before or are still using them as part of your marketing. Casie takes infographics and chops them up into smaller bits perfect for a presentation. These presentations can be uploaded to SlideShare, can be turned into PDFs, and can even be repurposed into short snippets ideals for social media sharing!

Customer Reviews - Customer reviews are a phenomenal resource. Take the content from a review and turn it into social media content, video content, or even a presentation that can go on SlideShare!

Old Blog Posts - Casie’s team likes to take old blog posts and publish them to different platforms like LinkedIn and Medium. They also take them and turn them into podcasts or turn them into short blurbs that can be shared in their newsletters.

Ebooks - Keep your ebooks up-to-date by regularly updating their information and statistics. It’s a lot easier to update a resource than it is to create a whole new one!

In Review

Casie’s presentation was jam-packed with useful information for even the most experienced content marketers. She reminded DMC that they really only need to remember three things to get started with content repurposing:

  • Know your goals
  • Use your data to find content
  • Create something better

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