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How to Use UX & AI to Improve User Experience & 3 Keys to Creating a Rockstar Brand - March 2018

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How to Use UX & AI to Improve User Experience

Amber Sawaya’s, EVP UX & Product, Zorroa, was our first speaker of the evening.  Her role allows her to focus on UX combined with information management, artificial intelligence and machine learning. She ran her own consultancy for 10 years and solves complex informational problems by applying design and technology solutions.

Amber Sawaya presented a fascinating view of UX and AI working together to massively reduce worker output in the entertainment industry.

UX Takeaways


  • Keep in mind that UX touches every functional area of a product and that maintaining product integrity is paramount throughout its design, development and deployment during each test and iteration.

Artificial Intelligence Takeaways  

  • Computers can look at data faster and broader than humans.
  • Let machine learning find patterns or clusters of information
  • Domain knowledge & deep learning can apply an expert’s information to make connections in data 

3 Keys to Creating a Rockstar Brand

Amber Griffiths launched Your Brand by Design in 2007 with the belief that every entrepreneur has a unique voice and a story that only they can share. With nearly 2 decades working with business owners, Amber is dedicated to working to exponentially increase company profits and the joy that comes from success.

Become a RockStar Brand

In a very passionate presentation, Amber discussed the importance of staying true to your brand identity. She encouraged business owners to work with people they trust and with whom they love to associate.

3 Keys to Creating a Rockstar Brand

  • Rediscover and claim who you are in business NOW! 
  • Create clarity about who you serve – it may not be who you think!
  • Create your own single-most effective tool for creating your own RockStar Brand – your Brand Soundtrack!
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