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Trends, Issues and New Approaches to Digital Marketing with Mikel X. Chertudi [DMC Recap]

Mikel is the CEO and founder of Strala.  Strala is an innovative data tracking platform that assists in collecting and combining information from multiple data sources.

He begins his presentation talking about trends and issues that we are now seeing in digital marketing.

The Problem

Mikel tells us:  “Today’s marketing and experience data is incomplete and insufficient. “  He continues on the address the top digital challenges that we as marketers and consumers face.

Top Digital Challenges

  1. Measuring & proving ROI based on accurate attribution
  2. Understanding customer interactions across ALL touchpoints and channels
  3. Personalizing offers, content based on behavior
  4. Managing, collecting and unifying data from all sources
  5. Delivering a consistent experience across channels
  6. Insufficient or inadequate technology to unify data

Preventing Omnichannel Personalization

  1. Insufficient or inadequate data across channels
  2. Insufficient staff and/or budget to create content
  3. Insufficient definition on customer touch points
  4. Insufficient journey and content analytics
  5. Inconsistent data across platforms
  6. Insufficient or inadequate technology to assemble content in real time

The Solution

Mikel then tells us the solution: “The new approach to data that we need to adopt.”    He continues to share that the solution is within the missing step of defining and planning touchpoints.  These touch points include:

  • Collect Data
  • Combine Data
  • Action Data

Strala offers a simple solution to the above digital marketing challenges.  Their vision is to empower uniquely data-first customer experience and insight.  Check out their website for more information on unifying data sources with this new approach.

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