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Update: The Utah DMC 2020 Annual Conference on August 28th Has Been Rescheduled

Hey there, Utah DMC members and community -

I wanted to personally take a moment and let you know that we, as a board of directors, had to make a hard decision regarding this year's annual conference.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the continued spread here in Utah, as well as current and possible unknown restrictions from the state, we have decided to postpone the 2020 Utah DMC Annual Conference, scheduled for August 28th, 2020 here in Salt Lake City, and move it to next year.

The health and wellness of our members, attendees, staff, sponsors, and event hosts are of the utmost importance to us. And while we were looking forward to seeing over 800 attendees this year, rescheduling the conference is ultimately not only the right thing to do, but it is also a necessity at this point. 

With that being said, I am happy to announce that the 6th Annual Utah DMC Conference will now be held on Friday, August 27th, 2021. There is some fantastic news to go along with this, almost our entire lineup for this year's conference has confirmed that they are able to come back in 2021 to present. How cool is that? 

Since this year's conference is now rescheduled, if you purchased a ticket already, your ticket is now good for our 2021 conference. Our ticketing system, Eventbrite, has been updated to reflect the new date, and there is nothing you have to do on your end other than plan on attending an awesome 2021 conference with Utah DMC.

But, you may say, “Doc, what if that one cancels as well”?  That’s a great question. Let me discuss our established event refund policy:

Typically, for all Utah DMC events, including our conference, we have a no refund policy. But, these are extraordinary times and circumstances, and this is something that is completely out of our control. For our 2021 conference tickets, I am announcing a 2021 Utah DMC Peace of Mind Promise:

  • If we have to cancel the conference again next year (2021), we will refund your ticket. We will have made this decision one way or another 60 days prior to the conference.
  • Newly purchased tickets can be refunded up to 60-days before the 2021 conference. If by June 25th, 2021 you are still feeling uncomfortable attending the conference in a large crowd setting, we will gladly refund your ticket. 
  • If you’ve already purchased a 2020 Annual Conference ticket, and the new date will not work for you, and you would like a refund now, we are happy to process that for you between now and the end of August 2020, otherwise, we assume you are keeping the ticket for 2021. You may also transfer your existing ticket to another person.

But, rather than getting a refund if you already have a ticket, I ask that you stick with us for next year’s show for a couple of reasons. 

  1. It’s going to be awesome. We are working hard to make the 2021 Conference even better than we had planned for this year. 
  2. Ticket prices will go up. If you get a refund now, your early bird price will most likely not be available again. 
  3. And honestly, it helps us plan for 2021. We are hoping for 800 plus attendees, and in order to plan accordingly, we need to know you are coming. =) 

In The Meantime

Between now and the Utah DMC 2021 Annual Conference, we hope to get back to our traditional in-person monthly events by the first part of 2021. But, until then, we are holding online events at least twice per month to keep the learning momentum going. 

So, while we can't be in person this year, don't let these online event opportunities pass you by. Take the time now, to double down on educating yourself, and growing during these difficult times. 

The fact that you attend these Utah DMC online events, as well as many other online events that are out there during these challenging times, is a testament to your willingness to continue to learn and grow in the world of digital marketing. Continued education matters so much, and this is why Utah DMC exists, and that is why we, as a board, donate our time to put these events on for you. 

Speaking of you.

DMC Annual Conference Attendees

What makes our conference, our monthly in-person events, and Utah DMC in general special, is not just the presenters we have on stage. While they are indeed awesome and always share incredible information, what makes all of Utah DMC special is YOU. You, the individuals who make up our collective that come to learn, network, and grow to become better at what you do for a living. To be a better marketer! 

It’s also your stories we hear in the hallways of our conference, or while we eat dinner and network each month, and we listen in on the individual success someone is having in their field, or how they overcame a particular challenge, or witnessing a spark of interest from just one individual in the crowd who learned something new and will take that back to work the next day to try in their business. This is why we do what we do, for you.

Thank you, for making Utah DMC so special here in our community!

Myself, and the rest of the Utah DMC board of directors, look forward to when we can see you in person again, and bring back that special magic that only our in-person events can bring. But until then, we will do our best to continue our mission to educate, engage, and elevate our Utah Digital Marketing Collective.

So, in closing, during the next few months, as we continue to find a new normal during, and after we get past this pandemic, I sincerely hope that you will remain a part of our community, and attend our conference next year. But, I also hope that you stay involved with us and get the most from the online events we are putting together at least twice a month. 

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, you can reach me directly by filling out our contact us form

Here is to finishing off 2020 strong while staying safe and healthy!

Until next time,

Darin "Doc" Berntson
President, Utah Digital Marketing Collective

Utah DMC 6th Annual 2021 Digital Marketing Conference

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