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[Recap] Facebook Marketing & Keyword Research - July 2017

Cathryn Moore, Digital Ads Manager at Chatbooks

The first speaker for July’s SLC|SEM was Cathryn Moore from Chatbooks. Chatbooks develops an app that turns your pictures that you’ve uploaded to social media into photo books that deliver to your home, automatically. As you can imagine, the Chatbooks team are experts when it comes to managing social media campaigns with great success and efficiency.

Cathryn shared with the audience valuable insights on how a Facebook Marketing Partner (FMP) can help scale your growing social media efforts as well as how to use them to drive better results. The issue that most people run into when scaling their Facebook campaigns is the Time Vortex that just takes away our ability to manage things optimally.

There are three aspects of the Time Vortex:

  • Creative Testing – it takes time to come up with creatives, add them, and find the true winner
  • Budgeting – it is time consuming to see performance accurately and more time consuming to have to adjust it all manually
  • Triggers – it takes time to find and fix underperforming campaigns

FMP’s can be used to resolve the issues of the Time Vortex.

Automations with an FMP enable running creative tests and picking KPI’s, so a true winning creative can be determined. It helps audiences be split evenly and avoid overlap.

Have you ever wanted to rotate your ads but found that Facebook doesn’t have that functionality? With an FMP, ad rotation can be an option.

When it comes to budgeting, different campaigns can be put into the same ‘budget pool’. This helps immensely with organizing multiple campaign strategies together around an appropriate, easily manageable budget. Spend floors and ceilings can also be made, and even automated to change based on performance. It becomes a lot easier to manage budget with predictive budget allocations.

An FMP allows various triggers to be used, such as to shift budget based on KPI performance, or setting conditions for when to pause or enable certain ads. Notifications can also be made to send whenever a trigger happens, so that you always are aware of what is happening and can manually adjust if needed.


Derek Perkins, CEO & Founder at Nozzle

Our next speaker at this month’s SLC|SEM was Derek Perkins, creator of the viral YouTube video, Live Action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Derek discussed with the crowd valuable insights pertaining to keyword research and effective strategies that you can utilize.

We learned insights regarding how to personalize your keyword research, how to analyze your competition, and how to leverage ranking factors in your strategy. Our favorite insight that Derek discussed was how he uses raw data to make estimates on volumes and values. Below are some of the calculations that he shared:

  • Estimated Traffic = Search Volume X CTR
  • Estimated Clicks X CPC = PPC Value

With regard to keyword research, Search Console provides great data on an individual keyword level.

From the Search Analytics report, you can filter your data by:

  • Queries – The keywords that your website ranked for in the SERPs
  • Pages – The URLs which these queries appeared
  • Countries – Location of users in which these terms appeared
  • Devices – Whether desktop, mobile, or tablet

You can also personalize your views and research to the specific client and the metrics that are most important. The data that is available includes:

  • Clicks -The specific keyword that was clicked in SERPs
  • Impressions – The total number of instances in which your query showed that didn’t always result in a click
  • CTR – The click through rate of keywords, this percent is calculated by dividing the number of clicks by the number of impressions (Click / Impressions = CTR)
  • Position – The average position that your query was ranked in the time frame that you specified

This data can be viewed for the last 90 days. Here is a screenshot of just some of the data available for your research in Search Console:

GSC data

Derek stated, “The better you understand the raw data, the better you will be able to use these scores appropriately.” Understanding and utilizing this raw data can help you exponentially in your keyword research.

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