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DMC Blog Recap: Social Media Tips and The Emergence of Quora as a Powerful Digital MarketingTool

This last Wednesday I had the opportunity to attend a Digital Marketing Collective conference, Gettin’ Down with Social. We got to hear from two experts in the field: Haley Fields, CEO of Orenda Marketing, and JD Prater, the Quora Evangelist as he was referred to in his bio. As one that is not very involved in social media marketing, it was interesting to dive into that realm as an SEO specialist and pick up some helpful tidbits to better understand the target market and the potential customer base.

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Set Yourself Up for Some Social Media Success

Haley did an excellent job of stepping us through some of the basics of setting up your business accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Google. Her focus was on ROI and how if you are set up right, you will not waste time nor money on your social media marketing. She talked about how you should be keeping up with the updates on how these three platforms are tracking data as that changes indefinitely. One of her many helpful tip she pointed out was how on Facebook you can now invite individuals that have liked a post of yours to come and like your page. Haley highlighted how it is these types of little changes that these platforms make that can really make a difference in your social media marketing practices.
She touched on how staying organized also helps you to keep up with these updates. A great organizational tip she offered was to use Later.com to help in scheduling out posts. This website allows you to automate your social media schedules so that you don’t have to manually post things every day but rather schedule posts ahead of time. We all know how it goes when we’re posting something the day of but hit some bumps in the road that we have sort out which delay posting.
The last tip she gave was on the actual content of your posts. She particularly pointed out how authentic customer stories are what draws the most engagement from your following. These stories build trust in your product or service and in your brand and are very effective in potential customer conversion.

Quora: A Powerful Digital Marketing Tool

JD brought our attention to a startling fact: most of the information in the world is not on the internet. It took a moment for that to sink in. It makes sense once you take a minute to process that fact knowing how vast the world is. However, when the internet is your main go-to source of information, you start to believe that everything is on the internet.
This is why Quora exists--to harness the information in the world that is not yet on the internet. It’s a portal through which information can pass through to make its way on to the internet making it available to more of the world’s population. It is due to this reason that Quora has been able to foster an environment on their website where the audience is engaged in active
learning. People are involved in asking questions, discussing them, giving answers, debating opinions and facts; it is essentially an informal classroom. And it is starting to reach the whole world as they continue to expand their site into more and more languages
Not only is this a powerful tool for PPC marketers where they can target their audience very well and place ads within relevant content, but it is a place for SEO specialists to gain valuable insights into what people are talking about. It’s a place for businesses to get in on the conversations that they should be the authorities on. It’s similar to when conversations happen on social media with brand mentions and businesses engage with their audience. It’s another place for them to have more of a presence like that and to reach even more of their audience than just what is found on social.
As JD said, and many before him, knowledge changes lives. It is knowledge that empowers people; it changes people’s perspectives, their life habits, how they approach life. And as they have these conversations, we as digital marketers have an opportunity to see what the world is talking about and keep up with the demands of more knowledge and bring them answers
through solutions and services.
Overall, this was a great conference to attend that gave me some good insights into social media marketing and how to leverage Quora as a digital marketing tool. I would recommend attending a DMC event to anyone looking to stay updated with the digital marketing industry’s latest updates and information.

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