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Bryan Phelps

Recent Posts by Bryan Phelps:

The Power of Podcasting to Build Your Brand - October 2018 Recap

Jessica Rhodes: Building Your Brand with Podcast Interviews

Jessica Rhodes is an expert in booking interviews for podcasts and experts alike and teaches people how to leverage interviews to grow your brand and increase exposure. Her agency, Interview Connections, has garnered six-figures in recent years and is well on its way towards reaching seven-figures for 2018.

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Lifetime Value The Only Metric that Matters - September 2018

Luciano Pesci, PhD is the Chief Executive Officer of Emperitas which spoke on the subject of Lifetime Value the Only Metric that Matters and how it is beneficial to business.

Topics: data analytics

DIY Excel Tools with Amy Bishop [DMC Recap]

Amy Bishop is the owner of Cultavative Marketing, a data-driven digital marketing agency specializing in PPC and content marketing.  Amy begins her presentation by sharing some helpful DIY excel tools that you can begin using today for digital marketers.  She begins her presentation with some helpful excel tools:

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Google's Quality Raters Guidlines & E-A-T with Marie Haynes [DMC Recap]

Marie Haynes relishes knowing and learning how Google operates and how their algorithms work. She has her own consulting company, Marie Haynes Consulting, that is focused primarily on helping websites perform better specifically after Google algorithm updates. For years Marie did solo consulting trying to figure out the puzzle of the Google algorithm and penalties. She analyzes and studies the penalties, algorithms and Google quality raters guidelines thoroughly, and the SEO industry is all the better for it.

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Trends, Issues and New Approaches to Digital Marketing with Mikel X. Chertudi [DMC Recap]

Mikel is the CEO and founder of Strala.  Strala is an innovative data tracking platform that assists in collecting and combining information from multiple data sources.

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How To Do Influencer Marketing To Grow Your Brand with Adam Buchanan [DMC Recap]

With over a decade of social media marketing, public speaking, influencer marketing, and digital marketing management experience under his belt, Adam Buchanan is an expert at creating successful influencer marketing programs. Companies like Columbia Sportswear, Cabela’s, and Experticity have enlisted Buchanan’s help to grow their social marketing strategies. He has also worked with brands like Hydro Flask, OptConnect, PROBAR, and Enso Rings.

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Omni-Channel Analytics: Facebook with JD Prater [DMC Recap]

JD Prater is the Director of Growth at Beautiful.ai. He is a digital media strategist who has an obvious talent for telling stories with data. JD regularly contributes to top marketing industry publications, speaks at PPC conferences, and co-hosts the weekly PPC Show podcast. So there was no surprise when he was voted among the top 25 most influential PPC experts in 2017.

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When Good PPC Goes Bad with Kirk Williams [DMC Recap]

In this year’s DMC, one of the speakers was Kirk Williams. Kirk is the owner of ZATO and BHive, a husband and a father to 4 children plus 1 on the way, and he lives in Billings, Montana. Kirk’s company, ZATO, is a PPC marketing firm of Google Shopping Experts that specializes in e-commerce PPC. Kirk spoke all about “When Good PPC Goes Bad.”

Topics: DMC2018

Less Programmatic Jargon, More Programmatic Action with Carrie Albright [DMC Recap]

Carrie Albright is the Associate Director of Services at Hanapin Marketing and loves sharing her knowledge of innovative marketing tactics and strategies. She’s worked with a variety of clients and businesses in retail, hospitality, insurance, and airlines. Carrie came to DMC 2018 to share her insights on how to make sense of programmatic marketing.

Topics: DMC2018

PPC Optimization Through Marketing Automation with Heather Cooan [DMC Recap]

As digital marketers, we often hear our clients ask, “How can we get more sales?” The answer to this question is often complicated and involves a lot of moving parts. In her presentation, Heather Cooan explains that there is a “simple” answer to this sales question: marketing automation.  

In Heather's presentation, she mentions that 73% of leads that go to the sales department are not “sales ready,” which results in no sale. Why is this? Heather is convinced it is because businesses are not utilizing marketing automation. They are not nurturing these leads, but rather throwing them all at the wall and seeing what sticks. There is a better way: marketing automation.

Topics: DMC2018