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Courtney Sembler | Utah DMC Conference Recap – August 2019

Education: An Industry Differentiator That Grows Your Business with Courtney Sembler [DMC Recap]

Courtney Sembler, Manager of Hubspot Academy Education, joined us at the Utah DMC Conference to educate us not only about the importance of educating clients but also how to leverage client education to grow your business.

Courtney started her presentation by sharing a little background on Hubspot Academy and how it came to be. From a humble launch in 2012 to a large network and assortment of certifications, it’s safe to say Hubspot loves education and knows how to educate well.

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Michelle Morgan | Utah DMC 2019 Conference Recap – August 2019

PPC Lead Generation Strategies for Quantity, Quality, and Revenue  - Michelle Morgan [DMC Recap]

At this year’s Digital Marketing Collective Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah, digital minds from all over the greater Salt Lake area convened for another year of hearing from the best in the business of digital marketing, lead generation and ecommerce.

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Michael Janda | Utah DMC Conference Recap – August 2019

Maximizing Micro-Moments with Michael Janda [DMC Recap] 

Michael Janda is an experienced agency veteran, who shares systems and strategies to help creative freelancers and agencies run their businesses with confidence and make more money. 

He has written two books: The first, Burn your Portfolio all about how you can thrive as a designer in a workplace environment, and the second, The Psychology of Graphic Design Pricing on how to overcome the pricing confusion to be fairly compensated for your work. 

Michael has recently left his agency to pursue his passion in business coaching and speaking, so he jumped at the chance to speak at the DMC event this August about the importance of micro-moments.

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Robert Brady | Utah DMC Conference Recap – August 2019

Welcome To The Golden Age of Competitive Research [DMC Recap]

With nearly 15 years of expertise in online advertising via PPC platforms such as Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, and more, Robert Brady is an expert in the digital marketing world. Along with his PPC knowledge, Brady also is proficient in conversion rate optimization (CRO), landing page optimization, marketing strategy and competitive research.

Brady’s PowerPoint focuses and key takeaways:

  • Use scripts to pull Auction Insights and process for insights
  • Tap into the Bing Competition tab
  • Monitor and leverage competitors’ Facebook and LinkedIn Ads
  • Get in your competitors’ audiences and funnels

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Marcus Sheridan | Utah DMC Conference Recap – August 2019

Creating a Culture of Video in Your Organization with Marcus Sheridan [DMC Recap]

If you didn’t get a chance to attend Marcus Sheridan’s lecture at the Utah DMC last Friday, we’ve got you covered! This article will recap everything Marcus went over in his presentation, “How to Embrace the Visual Revolution and Create a Culture of Video in Your Organization.”

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3 Types of Remarketing with Quora Ads

When it comes to advertising, I love remarketing. First off, you can target very specific
audiences. These are audiences that have been to your website, maybe you have their email list,
and as a way for you to then go a little further and be cost-effective with your advertising. When
you're targeting an audience that's already warm to your brand you're going to get higher
conversion rates, better ROI and you're going to be able to build your brand.

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SEO Night | Utah DMC Recap – July 2019

If you didn’t get a chance to attend SEO Night, you missed out on some great information! We learned some great SEO insights from our guest speakers, Dale Nguyen from Multifuse and Francois Goube, CEO of Oncrawl. Here are some highlights of each presentation.

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Search, Social & Attribution | DMC Recap June 2019

Utah DMC or Digital Marketing Collective is an organization for digital marketers in Utah and the
surrounding areas. They strive to provide opportunities for continued learning, networking
opportunities, and training for those who are interested in furthering their marketing experience
and knowledge. This month, we had the opportunity to hear from Mark Irvine and Simon
Poulton. Mark Irvine is an extremely successful marketer who is responsible for creating
WordStream’s data-driven industry research, as well as analyzing and spotting data on Google,
Bing, and Facebook ad accounts. Simon Poulton is the current Vice President of Digital
Performance at Wpromote where he oversees Analytics Development, Data Analysis, Data
Science, and Solution Architecture team.

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DMC Blog Recap: Social Media Tips and The Emergence of Quora as a Powerful Digital MarketingTool

This last Wednesday I had the opportunity to attend a Digital Marketing Collective conference, Gettin’ Down with Social. We got to hear from two experts in the field: Haley Fields, CEO of Orenda Marketing, and JD Prater, the Quora Evangelist as he was referred to in his bio. As one that is not very involved in social media marketing, it was interesting to dive into that realm as an SEO specialist and pick up some helpful tidbits to better understand the target market and the potential customer base.

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SEO: Outreach & Semantic Topic Modeling with Elli Bishop and Stawsky [DMC Recap]

This month’s DMC event featured Elli Bishop and Bill Slawski, two digital marketers with impressive backgrounds of success. At April’s DMC event, Elli shared her insights into what makes a great outreach specialist and how to hire one, and Bill covers phrase-based indexing and how Google patents can provide greater insights into the Google search algorithm.

Outreach From Scratch: How to Hire the Right People to Earn the Coverage You Need Why do I say this?

Elli Bishop has been handling B2B and B2C digital marketing for the past 8 years and knows what it takes to take a strategic approach to content creation. She’s a master at outreach and has worked to build up Clearlink’s outreach team which now has over 20 amazing marketers. Elli’s experience with content and outreach has helped her understand exactly what it takes to have a successful outreach campaign, and how you can find the best people and process for outreach as well.

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