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Give Your Content a Sense of Repurpose with Casie Gillette [DMC Recap]

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Let the Content Network for You & Taking On Giants [Recap]

James Dayton, Creative Producer at Jamestown Films

The October SLC | SEM event kicked off with James Dayton, from Jamestown Films. Jamestown Films is a film production crew that’s been behind some recent marketing videos that have gone viral. The focus of their work is the content they produce for their clients, and they seek to elevate the brand of anyone who requests their services.

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Jonathan Maberry | DMC 2016

Good Guys Finish First

Jonathan Maberry is a New York Times best-selling author, editor, and comic book writer for IDW, Marvel, and Dark Horse. He has also spoken at DMC before.

Jonathan started out his talk by discussing information. He said that even with all of the information available today, we either let that change us, or we go back to your old ways of thinking. It’s a challenge of life. With all of the information available to us today, we have a choice on what we accept.

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Justin Champion | DMC 2016

How to Reverse Engineer Your Content Marketing Plan

Justin Champion is a content marketing professor for HubSpot, the content marketing automation aficianados. In his DMC presentation, he dug in deep on the topic of reverse engineering your content marketing and gave an actionable processes SEMers can apply to their next content marketing campaign.

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Marcus Sheridan | DMC 2016

How to Embrace Today's Buyer, Stand Out, and Build an Amazing Business in the Digital Age

Friday morning’s session opened up with a bang, and to say that web marketing guru, Marcus Sheridan has a bit of passion for what he does, may be the understatement of the year. The very energetic Sheridan opened up his session with the question, “What business are you in?” After a few non-plus answers and some clarifications, Sheridan then asked if, as marketers, we were in the same business as a car salesman. Many laughed and made a few car salesman jokes, but Sheridan continued, wondering why is a car salesman considered the “lowest of the low”?

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